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Clear checklist on the social influence topic for PSBY2

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Checklist for PSBY2 Social Influence Section
Social Influence OR
Social Influence Section JAN 2010 ESSAY
Social Facilitation ­ Triplett; Zajonc QUESTION
Dominant Responses ­ Michaels Et Al
Drive Theory Of Social Facilitation, Zajonc
Causes Of Arousal
Evaluation Apprehension ­ Bartis Et Al
Distraction ­ Conflict Theory ­ Saunders Et Al
Effects Of Arousal On Task Performance E.G. On Sporting And Acting
Types Of Conformity
Internalisation ­ Sherif: Autokinetic Effect
Compliance ­ Asch: Line Study>>jun 09 exam question
Explanations For Conformity JAN 2011 ESSAY
Informational Social Influence ­ Baron Et Al QUESTION
Normative Social Influence ­ Anderson Et Al
Factors Affecting Conformity JUN 2010 ESSAY
Decreasing/Increasing/Personality QUESTION
Explanations Of Obedience jan 09
Legitimate Authority, System, Orders
Situational Factors Affecting Obedience
Dispositional Factors Affecting Obedience
The Authoritarian Personality
Defiance Of Authority - Feldman & Scheibe


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