Carbon allotropes

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1. What is the structure of Buckministerfullerene?

  • A spherical simple molecular structure with 50 carbon atoms and 70 sides.
  • A spherical simple molecular structure with 60 carbon atoms and 32 sides
  • A nanotube with 33 carbon atoms and 60 sides
  • A spherical giant molecular structure with 100 carbon atoms and 42 sides
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2. What are nanotubes being used in, aside from the destruction of cancerous cells?

  • Cosmetic preparations
  • An oxidising agent
  • Bearings
  • Electrode material

3. What is Amorphous carbon?

  • A type of nanoparticle
  • A deep black powder that occurs as a component of coal
  • A type of fullerene
  • A variety of diamond

4. What is Graphite often used for?

  • Nanoprobes
  • Lead in pencils
  • Cosmetics
  • Cutting

5. What is an issue with the use of nanotubes?

  • They may remove the protective layer of the skin when reacting with other chemicals.
  • They may make cancer worse
  • They may allow other substances to enter the bloodstream and brain
  • They may burn


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