AQA AS Chemistry Unit 2 Definitions

Definitions to know.

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Activation Energy

The minimum energy required for a reaction to occur.

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Different structural modifications of an element

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Atomic number (Z)

The number of protons in the nucleus of an atom.

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Backward (or reverse) reaction

One that goes from right to left in an equation

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Fuel produced from renewable plant material (biomass)

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Bond dissociation enthalpy

The enthalpy change for the breaking of a covalent bond, with all species in the gaseous state

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Apparatus used to measure heat change

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A species which contains a carbon atom that has a positive charge

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Carbon neutral

Applies to a process which occurs without a change in the total amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere

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A substance which alters the rate of a reaction without itself being consumed

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Chemical equlibrium

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