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1. Why does sodium iodide solution conduct electricity?

  • The iodide is able to conduct electricity when it reacts with water
  • Ions can move (in the solution)
  • The atoms are able to carry an electric charge
  • Sodium can react with water and water can conduct electricity
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2. Why do hydrogen ions move to the negative electrode?

  • Because they react with the sodium metal to produce a positive ions which is attracted to the negative electrode
  • Because hydrogen is a BOSS
  • Because they have positive ions and opposites attract
  • Because they have negative ions that are attracted to the negative electrode

3. What information does the molecular ion peak give about the molecule?

  • Mass spectroscopy
  • Relative atomic mass
  • Molecular mass / Mr
  • Identity of substance

4. How does an hydrogen atom turn into an hydrogen ion?

  • It reacts with nitrogen
  • Gains an electron
  • It reacts with a metal
  • Loses an electron

5. What are nanoparticles?

  • Particles with a high volume to surface area ration
  • Particles sized from 1-1000nm across
  • Particles sized 1-100nm across
  • Small particles


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