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Write the products for the thermal decomposition of 'sodium hydrocarbonate'
sodium carbonate, carbon dioxide and water
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What Is Denaturing?
when a protein molecule is cooked and as result this allows some of the chemical bonds in the protein to take a new shape- edible texture and is irrevesible
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List some of the properties needed to make an ester?
Easily evaporate, not react with water, not irritate skin, insoluble in water and non toxic.
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Define Volatility?
how easily of liquid evaporates
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Explain why Nail Varnish is insoluble in water?
Because the two substances are more attracted to themselves than each other - as a result do not form a solution
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What is a pigment, binding medium and solvent?
pigment gives the paint its colour, binding medium sticks the pigment to the suface you've painted and the solvent thins the paint making it easier to spread
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Define Colloid?
tiny particles of one kind of stuff dispersed in with another kind of stuff. (Mixed in not dissolved)
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Explain how a Water Based emulsion dries?
dries when the solvent evaporates leaving behind the binder and pigment as a thin solid film
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Explain how a Oil Based emulsion dries?
Oil Based Paints dry in two stages - solevnt evaporates and then the oil is oxidised by the air before it turns solid
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What are Phosphorescent Pigments? What Are thermochromic Pigments?
phosphorescent pigments are pigments which glow in the dark and thermochromic pigments are pigments which change colour when heated
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Explain how polymers are formed?
polymers are formed when lots of small molecules called monomers join together
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Explain How the forces betwen different chains determines the properties of Plastics?
if the polymer has weak intermolecular bonds then the chains are free to slide over each other - stretched and melted easily. Where as if it has strong bonds between the polymer - plastic has high melting point and connot be strecthed as easily
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Give one disadvantage of burning and burying plastics?
it realeases harful chemical into the atmosphere like sulfur dioxide. and plastics are non biodegradable - not broken by micro organisms so if burried will still be there for a long time to come
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Explain what a hydrocarbon is?
a hydrocarbon is a compound that is formed from carbon and hydrogen atoms only
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Write down the general formula for an Alkanes? Are Alkanes Saturated or Unsaturated?
2n+2 and Alkanes are saturated
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Write down the general formula for Alkenes, whether Alkenes are saturated and name the test to see if a substance is an Alkene?
2n and the bromine water test
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Name the technique used to separate crude into more useful substances and if long chain hydrocarbons have high boiling?
Fractional Distillation and Yes
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Describe the properties of a Hydrocarbon as the chain gets longer? (size of a hydrocarbon increases)
More Viscous, Have a boiling point and become less volatile
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Explain cracking and what thermal decomposition is?
Cracking is turning long alkane molecules into smaller alkane and alkene molecules, thermal decomposition is when one substance when heated breaks down into two or more substances
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Conditions need for cracking?
Hot tempreture and catalyst
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What Factors go into choosing the Best fuel?
Energy value, cost, toxicity, pollution, ease of use, availibility and storage
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Explain why not having oil reserves in the UK may be a problem in the future?
We will be relying on potentially politically unstable countries, which at any time we can be cut off if oil supplies are low. More expensive to import as oil prices rise since stocks get used up
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Write the chemical equation for complete combustion?
hydrocarbon + oxygen = (equals sign is an arrow in exam) carbon dioxide + water + (energy)
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Write the chemical equation for incomplete combustion?
hydrocarbon + oxygen = ( equals sign is arrow in exam) carbon + carbon dioxide + water + carbon monoxide + (energy)
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Explain the evolution of the Atmosphere?
most of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere came from volcanic eruptionwith some water vapour, carbon dioxide dissolved into ocean and green plant evolved around earth using the carbon dioxide to produce oxygen via photosynthesis...Nitrogen...ozone
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List 3 ways carbon dioxide is put into the atmosphere and what balances out the levels of carbon dioxide?
Respiration, decay and combustion. (3 main methods carbon dioxide gets put into the atmosphere. Photoshythesis balnces it out - converts carbon dioxide into oxygen
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Explain how human activity is affecting the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?
The human poulation is increasing- more people respiring and giving out more carbon dioxide. Space is needed for the growing population so humans resort deforestation - less carbon dioxide is taken out of the atmosphere....
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What kind of air pollution makes limestone buildings and statues look worn?
Sulfur dioxide
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Name a gas that catalytics converters help to remove from cars exhausts?
Carbon monoxide or Nitrogen oxide
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What is photochemical smog caused by?
sunlight acting on oxides of nitrogen, the oxides combine with oxygen to ozone - causes breathing difficulties headches and tiredness
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Card 2


What Is Denaturing?


when a protein molecule is cooked and as result this allows some of the chemical bonds in the protein to take a new shape- edible texture and is irrevesible

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List some of the properties needed to make an ester?


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Define Volatility?


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Explain why Nail Varnish is insoluble in water?


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