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Whats The Difference Between Fit and Healthy, and can you be one without being the other?
Healthy is being free from any infections or diseases. Fit is a measure a how well you can perform physical tasks
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What Factors Can Increase your chances of developing high blood pressure?
Smoking, Being Overweight, Dricking Alcohol and Being Under Stress for a long period of time
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What Are The Results Of High and Low Blood Pressure?
High Blood pressure can cause blood vessels to burst, leading strokes fatigue and brain damage. Low Blood Pressure can lead to poor circulation and as a result dizzyness and in extreme cases death
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How Can High blood pressure be decreased
By changing your lifestyle habitats - balanced diet, regular excercise and in ectreme cases drugs can be used to correct it.
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Explain How saturated fats can cause a build up of cholesterol?
If you eat too many foods which are high in saturated fats, cholesterol starts to build in your arteries. This forms plaques on the artery wall, and norrows the arteries.
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Explain how narrow arteries can lead to a heart attack?
Narrow arteries restrict blood flow, and as a result the heart recieves less oxgen and has to contract more. If a thrombosis (blood clot) forms in already narrow artery blood flow to the heart may be blocked entirely - this can lead to a Heart Attack
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Explain what carbohydrates are made of, and where they are stored?
Carbohydrates are made up of simple sugars: glucose. Stored in the liver as glycogen or converted to fats
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Explain what fats are made up, and where they are stored?
Made up of fatty acids:glycerol. Stored under the skin and organs as adipose tissure
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What Are Proteins Made Up Of?
Amino Acids and they do not get stored
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Explain how a person can get essential amino acids from not eating meat?
You would need to eat a wide variety of proteins from plant sources to make sure you get the complete range of Amino Acids in your diet
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What is the cause of the condition called kwashiorkor?
Protein Deffeciency
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How physical disorders can cause under nutrition?
These disorders normally result in a poor diet, which can cause other illnesses. e.g. liver failure, kidney failure, heart attacks, muscle wastage, etc.
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What Are Pathogens? And What Are The Four types?
Micro-organisms that cause disease. Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses and Protozoa.
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Whats a Parasite? What Are Vectors?
a parasite is an organism that lives off another organism often calling it harm. Vectors carry the disease without getting the disease themselves.
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Explain how antibodies destroy pathogens?
When a foreign micro-organism enters your body your body has three lines of attack. First White Blood Cells Engluf the pathogen, Then White Blood Cells Produce Anti Toxins and Finally Antibodies - lock on to the pathogen.
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Explain How Immunisation stops you getting a Infections?
Immunisation invlolves injecting dead or inactive pathogens into body. Triggering immune response since they carry antigens. So white blood cells produce antibodies to attack them,Memory Cells stay in the blood to kill a live version if it appears
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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Immunisation?
Advantages: stops you getting ill, disease cannot spread as easily. Disadvantages: Redness at site of injection and feeling under the weather for a bit
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What Are Antibiotics? What Are AntiVirals?
Antibiotics are drugs which kill bacteria, without killing your own cells. AntiVirals are drugs that stop viruses from reporducing
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Explain how a new drug may be tested to see whether its suitable for consumption?
Computer model used to simulate a humans response to a drug, If the drug is deemed worthy can be tested on human tissue than animals
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Whats a Benign Tumour? Whats a Maligant tumour?
Benign Tumour is a tumour that grows until theres no more room, Maligant Tumour is where the tumours grows and can spread to other parts of the body
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Whats a Drug? Whats Tolerence?
Drugs are substances which alter the way the body works, tolerence is where the body gets used to having a drug so a higher dose is needed to give same effect
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Explain how drinking too much alcohol can cause a cirrhosis of the liver?
Alcohol is a depressant, and the products broken by the liver are poisonous. Drinking too much alcohol can cause death of liver cells - forms scar tissue stoping blood from reaching liver.
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Explain how CNS coorrdinates information?
When a stimuli is detetcted your sensory nuerones carry the information from receptors to the CNS. CNS then sends information to an effector and effector responds accordingly.
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Describe the path taken by a Reflex Arc?
when a stimuli is detected, sensory neurone are connected to a relay neurone which is connected directly to the right motor neurone - no time wasted
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Explain how nerves send electrical impulses via the synapse?
Electrical impulse triggers the relase of transmitter chemicals which iffuse across the synapse and bind to recpetor molecules in the membrane of the next neurone - sets off new impulse
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Explain Negative Feedback?
Changes in an environment triggers a response which counteracts the changes
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Explain how insulin controls blood sugar levels?
when blood sugar levels is too high insulin relased by pancreas - makes liver turn glucose into glycogen. Glucose is then removed by the pancreas. (Vice Versa)
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Difference Between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes? How Can It be controlled?
Type 1- pancreas produces little or no insulin, controlled by insulin therapy and balanced diet. Type 2- where the body becomes resistant to insulin, controlled by limiting intake of rich carbohydate foods.
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Whats Are Auxins and what do they change?
Auxins are plant hormones which control growth in tips of shoots and roots - change the direction of root and shoot growth
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How are shoots positively phototropic?
postively phototropic - shoot is exposed to light it accumalates auxin in the shade side. Causing cell to elongate faster on shaded side bending towards the light
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Give three ways plant hormones are used comercially?
Growing Cuttings using rooting powder, controlling dormancy, ripening of fruit and selective weedkillers
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How Many Pairs of chromosones are there in the human body?
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What Is an allele?
different version of the same gene
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Name three sources of genetic variation
fertilisation, gamete formation and mutation
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Explain why your ability at sport is not only determined by your genes but also your environment?
Because genes may determine your potential but training is important too
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Smoking, Being Overweight, Dricking Alcohol and Being Under Stress for a long period of time

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