Black Panther methods

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1. why was free health clinics a success

  • became very popular
  • 1974 200 free clinics across USA that treated over 200,000 people a year
  • 19741973 250 free clinics across USA that treated over 20,000 people a year
  • other groups would later copy them
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2. why was patrol successful?

  • national organisation with 5 different local groups across 21 states
  • national organisation with 36 different local groups across 16 states
  • national organisation with 35 different local groups across 15 states
  • national organisation with 33 different local groups across 22 states

3. which one of these is not a city that had support for patrol

  • Berkeley
  • Oakland
  • Albany
  • Richmond

4. what was publicity gained from patrol

  • when newton was imprisoned
  • when newton was arrested
  • 'Free Hue'
  • when newton murder someone

5. why was free liberation school success

  • numbers of schools increased
  • province academic support to students in conventional education
  • inspired self confidence and sense of identity in pupils
  • educated black struggle history actions and achievements


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