Biosocial approach to gender development

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1. Give a criticism of Smith and Lloyd's/Condry and Condry's study -

  • In Smith and Lloyd's study there was not a gender neutral name, so no control group
  • Participants may have experienced social desirability
  • Babies in Condry and Condry's study put under stress by the jack in the box (unethical)
  • All of the above
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2. Give one criticism of research into the biosocial theory

  • Studies of abnormal individuals can't be generalised to all populations
  • it is rubbish
  • It is on the wrong side of the nature vs nurture debate

3. What did Goldwyn, 1979, study?

  • Daphne West, born with testes instead of ovaries but a female appearance who maintained her gender
  • David Reimer, raised as a girl but rejected this gender as he was born chromosomal male
  • Which toys participants gave babies in relation to their assumed gender.

4. Who proposed the Social Role Theory?

  • Eagly and Wood (1999)
  • Money and Ehrardt (1972)
  • Reimer (1967)
  • Wilson (1997)

5. Who proposed the Biosocial approach?

  • Money and Ehrardt (1972)
  • Macmillan (1950)
  • Eagly and Wood (1999)
  • Reimer et al (1963)


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