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Discuss Explanations of Gender Dysphoria

Gender Dysphoria also known as gender identity disorder is a condition in which
people are uncomfortable with the gender they have been assigned. This could lead to

Biological Explanation
One explanation of gender Dysphoria is that it is caused by unusual development in…

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Synoptic Links

Determinism ­ Brain sex Theory gives support for Hard Determinism ­ believes
gender Dysphoria develops due to BNST ­ caused by biological makeup. However
people who believe it to be free will would be very critical of this explanation.

Reductionism ­ Brain sex Theory focuses a lot on…

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The link between gender Dysphoria and Gender Dysphoria seems to be
correlational. Family factors do seem to influence gender Dysphoria however we
cannot say it is the definite cause and experimental methods may need to be done
however it could cause ethical issues to arise.

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Evidence to…


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