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2. What features of the Mucus membrane help it do its job?

  • - It lines all surfaces which have exposure to the outside environment and it produces mucus which helps sweep pathogens away
  • It is in the bloodstream and therefore engulfs pathogens which come in.
  • It is slippery so nothing can stick to it. and it is found on our hands and feet.
  • It is all over the body and therefore is at every entrance

3. What highly specalised cells help to build antibodies

  • A cells
  • D cells
  • B cells
  • T cells

4. When a cell is healthy they have a protien on their surface, and when they are unhealthy they no longer have this protein on their surface. what is this protein called?

  • HMC1
  • MHC1
  • MHC2
  • HMC2

5. Once the cell has done its job what chemical does it release?

  • Toxic gases
  • Histamine
  • pus
  • anti-histamine


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