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1. Natural kill cells are the only phagocyte in the immune system which can do what?

  • Kill a pathogen
  • Kill an infection off
  • Kill another human cell
  • Kill a bacteria
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2. The acquired immune system has its own white blood cells, which have a specific job, these are?

  • T and B and D Lymphocytes
  • T and B lymphocytes
  • T and D Lymphocytes
  • A and B Lymphocytes

3. What is the job of this chemical?

  • To make the blood vessels more permable to allow fluid to go to the infected area causing an inflammatory response
  • To make the blood vessels contract so no more pathogens can get to the infected area which causes an inflammatory response
  • to make the blood vessles come to the surface which causes you to itch, this is an infammatory response
  • to increase the blood vessels intake of pathogens, which will cause a break in the skin and for pus to leave the nfected area. An inflammatory response

4. If you require a cell mediated response what do this mean

  • the infection will damage cells
  • the infection is about to go into the cells
  • the infection is already in the cells
  • the infection is caused by cells

5. what is this cells job?

  • the look after the body for any unwanted objects
  • to look after the body and for good bacteria
  • to look after the body and kill when neccessary
  • to look after the body and attach to the mucu membrane


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