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1. What is the job of this chemical?

  • To make the blood vessels more permable to allow fluid to go to the infected area causing an inflammatory response
  • to increase the blood vessels intake of pathogens, which will cause a break in the skin and for pus to leave the nfected area. An inflammatory response
  • To make the blood vessels contract so no more pathogens can get to the infected area which causes an inflammatory response
  • to make the blood vessles come to the surface which causes you to itch, this is an infammatory response
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2. Once the cell has done its job what chemical does it release?

  • Histamine
  • anti-histamine
  • pus
  • Toxic gases

3. The white blood cell is in your blood stream and once at the infected site it send signals to what to allow them access to the infected area

  • capillaries
  • blood vessels
  • arteries
  • veins

4. This cell carries information around with it and gives it to the what?

  • lymph and lymph capillaries
  • spleen and lymth capillaries
  • spleen and lymph nodes
  • lymph and brain

5. What specalised connective tissue cells play a role in this response?

  • lipids
  • Mast cells
  • macrophages
  • fibroblasts


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