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1. What is non-specific immunity

  • the immunity we gain after an injection
  • the immunity we are born with
  • the immunity we adapt over time
  • the immunity we gain from our dad
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2. Which one is a type of response?

  • sore
  • Inflammatory
  • redness
  • Itching

3. If you require a cell mediated response what do this mean

  • the infection is already in the cells
  • the infection is about to go into the cells
  • the infection is caused by cells
  • the infection will damage cells

4. What highly specalised cells help to build antibodies

  • B cells
  • D cells
  • T cells
  • A cells

5. this information is then given to which type of immunity?

  • white blood cell immunity
  • acquired
  • non specific
  • innate


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