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what does a sexual produce
gentitcally identical offspring in ;arge number
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what does sexula reproduction
poduction gentical variation with the fusion ogf gametes
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advs and disadv for asexual
advs: the genetic makeup mean it can withstand specific condtions disadv: menas it cant withstand or adapt a wide range of condtions or enviromental change
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advs and disadv for sexual
advs: genetic variation can adapt to its envirmonet disadv: mutation occurs due to the complxity of the process
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what is production of gametes
hapolid sperm and haploid egg fuse together to make a diploid fertilised egg cell, male is small am mitole and egg is larg for food storage
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auatic animals and external
aquatic organisms release there eggs into the sea, however there is a small chnage it gets fertilised by sperm so there is a wastage and large numbers are produced
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how does the frog reprodcue ectermally
spem and egg join by sexual coupling the female frog lays eggs amd the male frog sprays the eggs with seminal fluid
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what is internal fertalisation
where the egg is fertilised inside the mother and it requires an intromitant organ
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advantages of internal
less change of gametes being wasted, embryo is prtected by the mothger and gives it a constant blood supply through placenta
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disadvantegs of external reproduction
this leads to them becoming food for preditors and lots of eggs are needed produced in order for one of them to survive
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external and insects
fertilise eggs internallt and lay the eggs to develop externally and they lay them on a constsn food supply
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what is the amniotic egg filled with
fliud filled cacity and protected by hard sheel
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what di birds do eith the egg
the birds incubate the egg untill hattched
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parental care for external
the off spring are left to develop unattended with little or no parental care, the more off spring the less pernatl cae
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parental care in mammals
mamals will potect from preditors, food, shelter and training,
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unisexual and hemaphrodite and advs and disv
where flowering plants conatin bothe male and female sex organs advs: every flower is capable of prudcing offspering disadv: is that inbreeding prodcuing no gentic variation
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what do plants prduce and how do they reach feamle organ
develops pollen grains with hard shell so it can withstand dessication, allows it to reach the feals plant and wothstand a wide range of conditons
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how does the pollen grain travel to the plant two ways
carried by the wond, insects are attrcated to the brightly coloured flowers
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develpoment of grasshoper
incomplete metamorphis, development of the nymhp ist identical to the aductl it hatches from the egg and goes through stages and motls its exoskeleton until recages full size
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development of butterfly
complete metapmorhis, development of the larva, the larva hatches from and egg and develops insode a chrisalis and hatches as an adult
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what does sexula reproduction


poduction gentical variation with the fusion ogf gametes

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advs and disadv for asexual


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advs and disadv for sexual


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what is production of gametes


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