What are the diseases a microbe causes called and what is a disease ?
A pathogen , a condition where the body isn’t working as it should !
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What is a micro organism ?
A tiny living organism
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Where can a bacteria be found ?
In your intestines or in food poisoning .
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Where can a fungi be found ?
Mushroom or yeast or Athletes foot.
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Where can a virus be found ?
Cold or Flu
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How big is a bacteria and virus ?
1/1000th of a mm
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How do bacteria reproduce ?
Splitting in two
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How does fungi reproduce ?
Create spores
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How does a virus reproduce ?
Taking over another cell
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How does bacteria harm you , how does a virus harm you ?
They produce toxins
Viruses damage your cells as they reproduce .
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Chicken pox…
What microbe
Virus and small red spots
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Food poisoning …
What microbe
Sickness and diarrhoea
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What are the five ways diseases are transmitted ?
Air , food , touch ,
Water , animals
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Name 4 defences against microbes ?
Skin acts a physical barrier
Ciliated epithelial cells waft the trapped microbes in the mucus up
(Eyelashes /hairs , scabs if wounded )
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How does an antibiotic work ?
Each type interferes with the bacterias life process .
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Can antibiotics kill virus’?
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Name the four ways which antibiotics must be taken correctly?
Full course
Specific to a problem
Only if need
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Explain how antibiotic resistance is developed?
The antibiotics kill the weakest first , the stronger ones are lest when you stop the antibiotics these replicate making them harder to kill.
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If microbes enter our body …
They need to be destroyed by our immune system
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The phagocytes …
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The lymphocytes …
Produce antitoxins and antibodies to destroy.
They fit the antigens on the surface of invading pathogens .
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What is an antigen ?
A unique protein coat on the surface of cells.
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How does a vaccine work ?
A vaccine contains dead pathogens and triggers the immune system . The white blood cells produce antibodies , which are stored in memory cells for a real attack !
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How does more people being vaccinated help ?
Less people available for virus’s to spread .
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What is a micro organism ?


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Where can a bacteria be found ?


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Where can a fungi be found ?


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