Biology - respiration

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Energy is needed for life processes such as:

  • growth and repair
  • movement
  • control of body temperature in mammals

Respiration is a chemical reaction that happens in all living cells, including plant cells and animal cells. It is the way that energy is released from glucose so that all the other chemical processes needed for life can happen. Do not confuse respiration with breathing (which is properly called ventilation).

Aerobic respiration

Glucose and oxygen react together in cells to produce carbon dioxide and water and releases energy. The reaction is called aerobic respiration because oxygen from the air is needed for it to work.

Here is the word equation for aerobic respiration:

glucose + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water

Energy is released in the reaction. The mitochondria, found in the cell cytoplasm, are where most respiration happens.

Anaerobic respiration

During hard exercise, not enough oxygen can reach your muscle cells. So, aerobic respiration is replaced with anaerobic respiration. This does not need oxygen for it to happen.

Here is the word equation for anaerobic respiration in humans:

glucose → lactic acid

Anaerobic respiration produces much


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