1. Movement

  • Animals always are moving. Plants are always moving as well.
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  • Animals can move from pace to place. Plants do not move about but they can still move some of their parts.
  • Animals can’t move at all. Plants can move, they never stop moving.
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2. Respiration

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  • Respiration is a chemical shake for the summer and the plants love it.
  • Respiration is a chemical reaction that takes place inside cells where food molecules are broken down to release energy needed to stay alive.
  • Respiration is the breathing systems they need it to stay alive.

3. What is the order?

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  • Cells, tissues, organs, systems, organism
  • Organisms, systems, organs, tissues, cells
  • Tissues, organs, cells, organisms

4. Sensitivity

  • Living things are aware of their surroundings and react to things around them.
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  • Living things are not aware of their surroungpdung so often due when touching something.
  • living things are aware of their surroundings and to things around them.

5. Continuous Variation

  • Continuous Variation is when the feature varies from one extreme to another for all the organisms in the species.
  • Continuous Variation is when organisms either have or do not have a feature and so the organisms can be placed into distinct groups.
  • Continuous Variation is when living things grow to increase in sizce and you record that.
  • Continuous Variation is when the feature is not good.


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