Biological explanations of depression

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1. What was Kennett et al's explanation of the time delay of treatment?

  • Most of the neurotransmitters are broken down before they reach tbe brain
  • The drugs don't affect neurotransmitter levels and instead affect your genes
  • The drugs work by changing the brain structure to make the neurons more sensitive
  • It takes a long time for the neurotransmitters to reach the brain
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2. What does a lack of 100% concordance in MZ twins show?

  • The environment has an impact and has a larger influence than genes
  • Gender has an impact
  • The environment does have an impact but genes have a larger influence
  • The environment does not have an impact

3. What does the diathesis stress model suggest?

  • Depression is only based on genes
  • You only inherit a vulnerability to depression and only develop it if you experience significant life stressors
  • Depression is only determined based on the environment
  • If you have the gene for depression, you will definitely develop it

4. What do adoption studies do?

  • Combine environmental factors and genetic factors
  • Separate environmental factors from gender differences
  • Separate environmental factors from genetic factors
  • Separate environmental factors from cultural factors

5. What does Kety et al's permissive amine theory suggest?

  • Serotonin has no effect on depression
  • Noradrenaline controls fluctuations of serotonin
  • Serotonin controls fluctuations of noradrenaline
  • Noradrenaline has no effect on depression


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