Biochemistry revision: Signalling

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1. A _____________ is a cell surface transmembrane receptor that works with the help of a G-protein, which binds to the energy rich GTP

  • G protein coupled receptor
  • Ligand gated receptor
  • Receptor tyrosine kinases
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2. Generally, there are __ stages of cell signalling

  • 3
  • 30

3. A nerve cell releases neurotransmitter molecules into a synapse, stimulating the target cell

  • Synaptic signalling (local)
  • Endocrine signalling (long distance)

4. ________ is the detection of a signalling molecule coming from outside the cell, this occurs when the molecule binds to the receptor protein on the cell surface membrane

  • Reception
  • Transduction
  • Response

5. An enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of a phosphate group

  • Kinase
  • Carboxlyase


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