Battle for the Biosphere

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What is a Biome?
A Biome is a Large Ecosystem. Its an area on the Earth's surface that has a similar climate, plants and animals.
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Name the 6 main Biomes?
Tundra, Taiga, Decidous Rainforest, Desert and Savannah.
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Define what an Ecosystem is
An Ecosystem is made up of plants and animals inteacting with the non-living physical enviroment.
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Describe where you would locate a Tundra Biome
You would locate a Tundra Biome in a frost moderated landscape with low temperatures. Tundra's are loacted in the Northern Hemisphere, encircling the North Pole.
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What is a Biosphere?
The Biosphere is a zone where life is found. It extends to -3 below and +30 above ground.
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Describe where you would locate the Tropical Rainforest Biome
The Tropical Rainforest Biome is located in South America. Its located North and South of the Equator. It runs through Brazil, Columbia and Peru.
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Describe where you would locate a Savannah Biome
A Savannah is a rolling grassland scattered with shrubs and isolated trees which can be found between Tropical Rainforests and Desert Biomes. They are found in a whole band either side of the Equator or on the edges of Tropical Rainforests.
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What is Continentality?
A measure of difference between Continental and Marine climates which can be measured by comparing the range of temperatures and how far away from the sea you are located.
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What is Altitude?
The height of an object or a point in relation to the sea of ground level.
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How does Altitude affect Biome Location?
It controls both temperature and rainfall. Average temperature falls about 1 Degree for every 200m of Altitude.
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Is High Pressure where air rises or falls?
High Pressure is where the air in the high parts falls and becomes less dense therefore moving towards the ground. High Pressure Systems are usually associated with clear skies and calm weather.
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What does the type of Biome depend on?
Temperature and Seasonality, Rainfall, Altitude and Geology and Soils.
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What is CITES and What was is CITES convention introduced for?
Conservation on International Trade in Endangered Species. It was introduced to ban trade in endangered species of plant and animal.
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What does the National Parks do?
They have strict planning laws that aim to preserve valuable landscape and allow people to enjoy them, Lake District.
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Name 5 services that the Biosphere provides us with
Regulation of the Climate, Regulation of Atmospheric Gases, Water Regulation, Water Purification and Recreation.
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Name 3 goods the Biosphere supplies us with
Food, such as avocado and banana. Medicines such as Rosy Periwinkle, a cancer fighting medicine and Raw Materials such as Water and Timber (Forest Biome).
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What are the main causes of Deforestation in The Tropical Rainforest?
As the Economy grows the Rainforest is taking a toll. Forest is being cleared for Farming of Beef and Soy Beans to be exported to the Developed World. Logging for Tropical Hardwood and Mining is also a cause.
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How did the Trans Amazonia Highway change the Rainforest?
Allowed access for loggers and farmers. Large-Sacle Hydroelectric Power Dams such as Belo Monte have flooded large areas and Mines have destroyed vast parts of the Rainforest. Another cause is Subsistence Farmers.
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How does Climate Change affect the Biosphere?
Increased Green-House Gases and Pollutants causes Weather Patterns to change. Aswell as changes in Temperature and Sea Levels which in turn causes Animal Migration and Species Stress which could lead to Extinction.
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Name 4 ways of Sustainably Managing the Rainforest
Conserving the Enviroment so that it has time to regenerate for future generations. Avoiding explotation of the area . Provision for local people and education for local people.
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Name the 6 main Biomes?


Tundra, Taiga, Decidous Rainforest, Desert and Savannah.

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Describe where you would locate a Tundra Biome


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