Battle for the Biosphere (Basics)

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  • Battle for the Biosphere
    • Types of Biomes
      • Tropical Rainforest
      • Coniferous forest
      • Tundra
      • Deciduous forest
      • Desert
    • Whats affects Biomes?
      • Temperature
      • Geology (soil)
      • Altitude
        • How?
          • Average temperature falls by 1*c for every 200m of altitude. (some trees will be unable to survive cold temps)
      • Rainfall
    • What does the biosphere do?
      • It provides many services and goods..
        • Services: regulation of climate, and water. Also soil formation and development
          • Goods: Food includes natural products like nuts, seeds, fruits etc. Also wheat, maize and rice.
            • Goods: Medicines include Qunine which is a treatment for malaria. Found in Cinchona tree.
              • Goods: Raw Materials include water, and timber.
    • How can we conserve the Biosphere?
      • CITES - Convention International Trade Endangered Species are helping over 34,000 species of plants and animals by banning trading of them.
      • Natural Parks in the UK and USA Preserve landscapes. For example in the UK there is the Lake District. They conserve the Biosphere by ensuring that they are protected.


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