GCSE Battle Of The Biosphere

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  • Geography GCSE: battle of the biosphere
    • Amazon Rainforest
      • South America and on equator as best conditions for Rain forest. Hot and humid conditions cause prolific growth as a low pressure area.
      • The Amazon rainforest aids the biosphere in many ways: It is a carbon sink and creates oxygen, it regulates the water cycle and it keeps soil healthy so plants can grow.
    • Keywords
      • Ecosystem:a grouping of plants and animals that interact with each other and their local environment.
      • Biome: A large ecosystem
        • Types of biomes: coniferous, deciduous, tundra, tropical and desert.
    • Threats to the biosphere: Deforestation, Mining, Quarrying, Farming, Over-fishing. As well as sea temperature rise, seawater acidification, melting of polar ice caps, changes in amounts of rainfall, treeline changes, stress within ecosystems due to rapid change
    • Reason for forest destruction
      • Timber, Housing, economy, transport, mining and building human settlements.
    • Factors affecting biomes
      • rock and soil type, rainfall, altitude, distance from sea and drainage.
    • Biosphere management
      • If managed well sustainable future is enabled
      • Tensions can arise with social factors, environmental, and economic.


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