Basal Ganglia

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What is the basal ganglia?
A group of structures that work together
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All ... have one?
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What suggests that it is ancient?
Evidence from fossils
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What has not changed?
Problem that BG evolved to solve
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When did the BG start to grow?
60 million years ago
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What is the same across all the BG?
Local micro-architecture
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What is part of the BG and limbic system?
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Some parts of the .... are considered to be part of the BG or limbic system
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What are 3 external inputs?
Cerebral cortex, limbic system and brain stem via thalamus
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What does the BG control?
Motivation and motor processing
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What is involved in the motivational version of the selection problem?
Competing functional (motivational) systems
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What shares the motor system?
Independent parralel processing
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What problem does this cause?
Which areas should be allowed to access motor output
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What does the superior colliculus do, often referred to as "brain burglar alarm"?
Looks everywhere but is changed by sudden movement
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What is an ancient example of this problem?
Wildebeest and crocodile - which animal should the crocodile eat?
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What hasn't this done -
Changed much - "if it's not broken, don't fix it"
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What is this solved by?
re-entrant loop architecture
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What is the output of BG to hypothalamus?
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What does BG focus on (it isn't smart)?
Which loop is shouting loudest
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The signals of the loop are strongest if need of loop is ...
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What can each level of the sensorimotor system do once activated?
Operate without control of higher levels
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What are the mechanisms in place to ensure they stay effective?
BG and cerebellum
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What was used to simulate behaviour of rat?
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What was used as food?
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How long were rats deprived of food for?
24 hours
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After the fear of the open space dissipated, why did they run to the food?
Because the need for food was stronger than the fear
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What were the 5 steps of the study in robots?
1) wall seek 2) wall follow 3) can seek 4) can follow 5) can deposit
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What is the new brain driven by?
Selected goal
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What is the old brain driven by?
Selected stimulus
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What is one example of basic systems winning out over rational thought?
Same amount of spider phobias in UK where spiders are not poisonous as in Australia where they are
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What disorder can the breakdown of the pathway that projects to the striatum from the substantia nigra in the BG cause?
Parkinson's disease
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All ... have one?



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What suggests that it is ancient?


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What has not changed?


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When did the BG start to grow?


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