nigostriatal pathway + huntingtons disease

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  • nigostriatal pathway
    • NORMALLY pathway from substansia nigra up to the ventral tomentum
      • critical role in understanding Parkinson's
    • The NS pathway displayed with thick arrow = massive influence on striatrium
    • Motor cortex also exciting striatrum
    • all this excitation inhibits the bsal ganglia bibus pilidus - if arrow thin = not inhibiting thalamus
    • if thalamus isn't inhibited released from inhibition
    • PARKINSONS, substantia nigra little influence on the striatum
    • striatum not inhibiting basal ganglia now basal inhibits thalamus a lot thus doesn't help with the motor cortex
    • symptoms hard to get excited motor cortex
    • dopamine is a dopamine agonist replaces dopamine
    • Pallidotomy - destroy globus pallidus release thalamus from inhibition
    • Deep brain stimulation electrode change activity
    • Huntingtons disease
      • genetically transmitted
      • abnormal movements
        • chorea involutentary movement face neck limbs
        • athetsis slow writing


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