B601 belief in deity

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what is the trinity?
god in three parts - father, son, holy spirit.
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what is omnibenevolent?
god is all loving
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what is omniscient?
god is all knowing
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what is omnipotent?
god is all powerful
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what is omnipresent?
god is always there
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what does transcendent mean?
god is outside the universe.
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what is a thiest?
someone who fully believes in god
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what is an agnostic?
someone who doesnt know if they believe in god
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god is the father ...
the son, and the holy ghost.
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what does impersonal mean?
god is not swayed by personal feelings
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fill in the gap: jesus is the .......................... of humanity
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what is the holy spirit?
the god around us
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what teachings support the holy spirit?
"the breath of God" "the mysterious love of god"
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why does going to christian school make it more likely that the child will believe in god?
because god becomes a normal feature in their lives
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why would a childs parents belief in god sway childrens ideas about believing in god?
young children believe their parents
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what flaws in the earth could suggest to some people that god is not real? what does this suggest about god?
earthquakes, volcanic erruptions etc. suggests god is evil or doesnt exsist
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what profession could prove god is not real and why?
scientists because they have hard evidence that the big bang happened.
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what is the cosmological argument?
everything in the universe has a cause
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what logical reasons support the cosmological argument? (christian)
that something had to start the world and that something was god.
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what logical reasons support the cosmological argument? (science)
the big bang and there is evidence to support this. logically who caused gof then?
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what would be a counter argument for the cosmological argument from sciences point of view? (christian)
that god is outside this universe therefor doesnt need to have a cause.
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what is the telelogical argument?
everything that has a design must have a designer
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what evidence supports the idea of the teleological argument?
william payley watch makers analogy.
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what shows evidence of design to christians which means there must be a creator?
the qorld as it is too intricute to have happened by chance. the creator would be god.
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what would sciences counter argument be towards chirstians idea on the teleogical argument?
that everything worked together to become more intricute.
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what is the ontological argument?
it is not possible to think of anything greater than god, therefor he must exist in the mind.
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what is a religious experience?
an abnormal event, described as supernatural
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what is a mystical/numinous experience?
a sense of union with god, or something bigger than ourselves.
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what is a prayer experience?
experiences brought about by prayer or meditation
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what are conversion experiences?
an experience that changes people and their lives
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what is the parable of saul became paul? give is 5 bullet points
-light on saul asking why do you persecute me? (jesus) -opened eyes and could not see. led to damascus by friends. - 3 days was blind and went hungry. -ananias sent by jesus gave back sight and blessed with holy spirit. -was baptized
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what jouranlist had a religious experience when held hostage in lebanon?
john McCarthy
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why may some people in society disgaree with religious experiences?
'ill believe it when i see it!' line of thought
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what is a miracle?
an even that breaks the law of nature and seen as being supernatural
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what is a christians views on a miracle?
it is god work becoming clear in surprising and mysterious ways
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what are miracles seen as to athiest?
science that has not been understood yet
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what is the parable of jesus feeding the 5000?
jesus breaks a bit of bread and feeds 5000 people.
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what is the parable of jesus turning water to wine in 5 bullet points?
-wine at a wedding had ran out. -jesus asked servants to fill six jars with water. -'water' taken to head of wedding. -water had turned to wine. -only servants and disciples knew jesus done that
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what is omnibenevolent?


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