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Actually written for OCR B601 re-sit tomorrow, but some points may be useful for other Religious Studies exams!

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Nature of Deity | B601
Jesus is part of the Holy Trinity, the human incarnation of God, born as a human being
Jesus was born to a virgin mother, making his birth the first of many miracles. This is seen as
evidence that God must have performed a miracle to impregnate Mary
Jesus led a normal life, and taught people to lead a better life
"Do not judge and you will not be judged"
"Love your enemies and pray for your persecutors"
"You cannot serve God and money (All from book of Matthew)
Jesus was put to death by the Jews ­ but he lived a perfect life. He died in place of humanity,
who had committed sin and evil. This is why he is seen as the saviour
Jesus rose from the dead [resurrection], showing Christians that he had defeated the powers
of evil
In taking the place of humanity to receive punishment, Jesus allowed humans to enter the
kingdom of heaven without punishment for their sins, so long as they accept Jesus Christ as
their saviour
Jesus returned to his Father in heaven [ascension] with the promise that he would return one
day to judge all of humanity [parousia / second coming]
These beliefs all come from the NICENE CREED - a summary of Christian belief and


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