B1 - Understanding Organisms

Blood Pressure is measured in...
mmHg - Millimeters of Mercury
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Systolic pressure is ...
the maximum pressure
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Carbon Monoxide ...
increases blood pressure by combining with the haemoglobin
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What is Thrombosis?
blood clots that block the artery
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Fat is composed of...
glycerol & fatty acids
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EAR stands for...
Estimated Average Requirement
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Fats are stored...
under the skin and around organs as adipose tissue.
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What is stored in the liver as glycogen?
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Maleria is caused by...
A parasite protozoan called Plasmodium
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Pathogens cause symptoms by...
damaging cells or producing toxins
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In accommodation, to focus on distant objects...
the ciliary muscles relax and the suspensory ligaments tighten
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Reflex Arc
stimulus -> receptor -> sensory neurone -> CNS -> motor neurone -> effector -> response
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Spinal Reflex
receptor -> sensory neurone -> relay neurone ->motor neurone -> effector
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Alcohol damages the liver because...
the toxic chemical causes cirrhosis as it is broken down
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Type 1 diabetes is caused by ...
the pancreas not producing enough insulin
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An example of Homozygous =
AA or aa
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What does not raise Blood Pressure
Healthy DIet
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What causes heart disease?
Restricted blood flow to the heart due to plaque
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What are memory cells NOT called?
M cells
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Whats the difference between Genotype and Phenotype?
genetic makeup - what is expressed
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Systolic pressure is ...


the maximum pressure

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Carbon Monoxide ...


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What is Thrombosis?


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Fat is composed of...


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