B ; wspu ; liberals failure '09-'13 ; gov franchise bill '13

in '13 new franchise bill was debated and supported by who?
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this woudl extend vote to?
wc men
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an amendment proposed to strike what word formt he bill
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who suggested this measure?
lloyd george
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how did HoC react?
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but cons speaker of the house lowther declaed?
the amendment would change the character of the bill and invalidate it
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what did asquith do with this?
refused to draft replacement bill
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WSPU increasing violence di what within parliament?
increased opposition to female suffrage
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what was fawcett informed of in '10 when she discussed with lloyd george?
recent militancy made reform impossible
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what did lloyd george claim about recent demonstrations?
left his wife alienated from movement
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grew increasingly displease and thoguht christabel had lsot all sense of proportion when?
nov '11
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what persuaded lloyd george militancy was ooc?
intense violent wave after asquith failure to grant time to 2nd conciliation bill
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what did even ramsay macdonald regard hysterical response to failure?
window smashing + hunger strikes
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in late '10 what WSPU act made many pro-sufragette MPs lose enthusiasm?
attack on downing street smashing asquith's car windows and accosting him
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aggressive waves of violence from '11-'13 really damaged parliament's efforts to do ewhat?
extend franchise
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WSPU attemtps to target what played into hands fo anti-suffrage grps?
target private property / destroy social order / destroy churches + politician homes with bombs and arson
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in '12 parliament discussions moved away from how to enfranchise women but rather?
how to stop hte violence
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this woudl extend vote to?


wc men

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an amendment proposed to strike what word formt he bill


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who suggested this measure?


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how did HoC react?


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