B ; cda ; why repealed ; josephine butler (1828-1906)

why was it especially radical for the women to be campaigning for repeal CDA?
on the side of the prostitutes, seen improprietous
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so vital leaders of CDA maintained what?
impeccable morality
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how many national leaders did the LNA have?
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how many were single?
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how many widowed?
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how many childless?
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why did these women have to aviod scandalous behaviour?
to avoid being discredited
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to lead campaign what type of woman was required?
one of undoubted morality
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to hold more credibility and avoid impropriety q's what did she need to be?
wife and mother
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who was butler married to?
anglican church minister georgebutler
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what religion?
christian and evangelical
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what was her leadership driven out of?
maternal love
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what happened to butler's daughter @ 6?
fell down the stairs and died
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what did this loss leave butler passionate about doing?
finding women in a worse state than hers and brigning them to salvation
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what did butler found?
a refuge for 'fallen women
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and regularly visited?
destitute prostitutes in workhouses
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taking pity on them who did she vehemently oppose?
anyone who blamed them for their plight
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what was she adamant about prostitutes and sin?
she was more sinned against than sinning
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why were the cdas morally abhorrent to butler?
appeared 2b legalising prostitution
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what two things did butler need to accept position?
persuasion from wolstenholme and consent from hubsand
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what ws her role in LNA?
honorary secretary
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while not all agreed with her convictions they all thought what?
something holy about her
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image of butler was cultivated as she personally identified with?
st catherine of siena
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in what year did bulter write a biography of st catherine?
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believeing her to be?
pioneer feminist activist
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at 1871 royal commission what did butler condemn?
degrading effects of acts in portsmouth and devonport
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these appeared underwhelming when she confessed?
litle first-hand knowledge of prostitution in these areas
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what was her testimony based on?
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including allegations of?
police misconduct
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at later selected committee inquiry in 1881 what did she reveal?
she hadn't been to a protected district since canterbury in 1873
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at same time what did she present herself as?
god's agent
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what did some of her work with prostitutes appear to be tho?
self indulgent
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what would her and her sister take to women in lock hospitals?
pictures of her dead daughter (now that's a bit ******)
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and what would she do with them?
cry over them
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what has been argued about butler's uncompromising demands to repeal acts?
prevented important reforms to welfare of prostitutes
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at 1871 commission what did john stuart mill propose?
existing regulation might be replaced w/ system voluntary exams in private climics
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why did butler completely block this?
still appear to blame prostitution on women
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that system of regulation was therefore delayed until?
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what did butler's unrelenting campaign for complete abolishment poaiabl delay?
improvements to pros exp medical exams
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despite this butler was strong character that added what to LNA?
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what did she want to make illegal when performed by both genders?
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what did she propose changes to laws covering?
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what did butler believe was part of the problem at a young age?
men driven from company of women as children
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therefore developed belief that?
prostitution was bearable sin
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what was she particulary outspoken on the use of?
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not just degrading but bc performed by who on who?
men on women
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so procedure effectively became?
sexual attack
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and claimed doctors were performing?
instrumental ****
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so vital leaders of CDA maintained what?


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how many national leaders did the LNA have?


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how many were single?


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how many widowed?


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