Atoms and earth test

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1. the earths limited resouces come from..?

  • the air particles that form layers on the earths atmosphere
  • its crust , the oceans and the atmosphere
  • the volcanoes
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2. when did the levels of oxygen increasein the atmosphere?

  • when god wanted them to
  • when plants spread over the earth.
  • when humans were created
  • when animals spread the earth

3. The atomic number of an element is equal to the number of ...?

  • protons in the nucleus of its atoms
  • electrons around the atom
  • protons in the nucleus

4. What gases did the early atmosphere consist of?

  • carbon dioxide, water vapour, methane, ammonia
  • oxygen, ammonia, carbon dioxide

5. atoms are made up of only....type of atom?

  • five types of atoms
  • one type of atom
  • two types of atoms
  • no atoms
  • many atoms


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