AS unit 1 Business Studies Questionnaire

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1. the formula for contribution per unit

  • Fixed Costs ÷ (selling price per unit- variable cost per unit)
  • selling price per unit- variable cost per unit
  • Variable cost x fixed costs + profit
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2. What is the formula for revenue

  • profit- sales
  • price x quantity sold
  • cost of sales x price
  • profit x fixed cost

3. Why do firms use break even analysis

  • to measure a loss over a period of time
  • to calculate in advance the level of output needed to break even
  • to measure profit

4. What is a margin of safety

  • where sales can increase from their current level
  • the amount by which sales can fall from their current level before reaching the break-even point
  • A margin used to keep profit safe

5. Define a Autocratic leader

  • take top-down decisions without consulting employees to find out their views. they may provide very little information on the reasons for the decision
  • A leader that makes employees contribute to decision making


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