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Business Studies Emma Rudd BMA
Week 1 Organisational Design

1. Using examples, briefly explain if your business is centralised or

Although Black Looks is a very small organisation, it is quite a centralised business,
as it was Lily and Seyi managing everything, they got the business up and running,…

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sudden move to a supplier in Cardiff. Also by having more levels of hierarchy the
stress and pressure to do something was balanced out, and it was not solely on Lily
and Seyi, as they now had help.

Week 2 Management By Objectives

1. Does your business have a mission…

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While you are quite settled in your life, you occasionally seek out new experiences to
try. You will occasionally take risks if you feel they are very likely to come off.

Getting things right is important to you, and you make efforts to avoid careless
mistakes wherever possible. You are…

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also mean that as they are working as a team they would have more knowledge and
skills to use when working together.

Week 4 ­ Motivation in Practice

1. Does your chosen business reward workers for their work in any other ways
rather than pay?

Karen the Tottenham store manager…

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Week 5 ­ Leadership and Management Styles

1. Choose two managers from your chosen business and describe how their
management styles fits into two of the different models studied in class.

In one of the stores of Black Looks a new manager had imposed new flexible
working practises with fewer…

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The main form of training was a few days that were spent with the experienced shop
worker explaining to Lily and the teenagers about the till, dealing with difficult
customers, refunds, pilfering as well as some other things.

As the business grew Seyi appointed Karen an experienced sales woman from…

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higher level than them, and they may then think that there's no point in trying to
improve if they are not getting promoted but people from outside the business are
brought in above them.

2. Outline the methods of selection used by your business.

When the business first started Helen…


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