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Business Studies Emma Rudd BMA
Week 1 Organisational Design
1. Using examples, briefly explain if your business is centralised or
Although Black Looks is a very small organisation, it is quite a centralised business,
as it was Lily and Seyi managing everything, they got the business up and running,
they made the decisions about where to set up the business, who to hire, what
products / brands to stock, the layout of the shops, how much it was all going to cost
etc and they also began making plans for expansion in the future.
Later Black Looks began to delegate roles therefore moving towards becoming a
decentralised business. Lily hired a Purchasing Director, whose job was to make the
purchases and arrange all deliveries. It was decided that this person would answer
to both Lily and Seyi and could have their own assistant. This new approach
increases the level of hierarchy within the business, but reduces the span of control
Lily and Seyi have.
2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the culture to your business.
As Black Looks is a small organisation their organisational structure is more inclined
to be entrepreneurial at the beginning but as it began to expand their organisational
structure moved towards becoming Formal / Traditional Hierarchy structure.
It was the internal factor of the size of the business that made it an entrepreneurial
structured organisation. The advantage of having an entrepreneurial organisational
structure is that rapid decisions can be made which is essential at the beginning of a
business as the longer it takes to get the business up and running the more money /
capital that needs to be put into the business when no revenue being produced.
But as the business increases / expands this structure becomes unsuitable. Lily and
Seyi might start finding it difficult to manage the business effectively and efficiently.
The work may begin to overwhelm them and the quality (and speed) of decisions
may suffer. It is here / for this reason that they may have started to move towards a
Formal / Traditional Hierarchy organisational structure.
Advantages of a Formal / Traditional Hierarchy organisational structure are that it
allows specialists to operate within their area of expertise, employees understand
lines of command and communication, and the position of their department or unit
within the organisation. There are also more people to rely on and to gain ideas and
opinions about decisions. Although having more peoples expert advise can be
useful, there is also a downside as it slows down decision making as there are more
people that need to be consulted.
Another disadvantages of a Formal / Traditional Hierarchy organisational structure is
that departments may try to get more resources in an attempt to increase their status
within the business, rather then because it will benefit the organisation as a whole.
Overall I think Black Looks made the right decision and benefited from moving in the
direction of a Formal / Traditional Hierarchy organisational structure. As it was the
Purchasing Director that managed to begin to fix the problem / mess caused by the

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Cardiff. Also by having more levels of hierarchy the
stress and pressure to do something was balanced out, and it was not solely on Lily
and Seyi, as they now had help.
Week 2 Management By Objectives
1. Does your business have a mission statement? If yes, what is it? If no, write
A mission statement is a written statement of what the firm aims to achieve. Black
Looks mission statement is to offer a range of cosmetics, toiletries and accessories
for black women.…read more

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While you are quite settled in your life, you occasionally seek out new experiences to
try. You will occasionally take risks if you feel they are very likely to come off.
Getting things right is important to you, and you make efforts to avoid careless
mistakes wherever possible. You are usually well motivated and determined, and
tend to approach your work in quite a structured, disciplined way. You are likely to be
committed to your work and will work extra hours if required.…read more

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Week 4 ­ Motivation in Practice
1. Does your chosen business reward workers for their work in any other ways
rather than pay?
Karen the Tottenham store manager came up with the idea of giving her staff sales
targets and also offering them performance related pay (a 1% commission on their
personal sales) as well as their normal salaries. Although this is a financial way to
motivate staff it worked well for Black Looks and their Tottenham store.…read more

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Week 5 ­ Leadership and Management Styles
1. Choose two managers from your chosen business and describe how their
management styles fits into two of the different models studied in class.
In one of the stores of Black Looks a new manager had imposed new flexible
working practises with fewer breaks and annualised hours, this appears to be an
authoritarian leadership style. This is when senior managers make all the decisions
with little involvement of employees.…read more

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The main form of training was a few days that were spent with the experienced shop
worker explaining to Lily and the teenagers about the till, dealing with difficult
customers, refunds, pilfering as well as some other things.
As the business grew Seyi appointed Karen an experienced sales woman from
Brixton as the Tottenham store manager. But a full time employee in the Tottenham
store asked to leave after 2 weeks hiring more staff solved this problem.…read more

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Outline the methods of selection used by your business.
When the business first started Helen an old friend of Lily's who was head of a
college near by recommended young students who proved keen and responsible.
This was how all the evening and weekend parttimers were selected. For the two full
time sales staff Lily advertised in the local paper, sifted through applications and
then carried out interviews.…read more


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