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1. What is the diffference between an Aria and a Recitative?

  • An aria allows the singer to reveal what they are thinking, a recitative moves the story along
  • They're the same
  • Aria's are sung by chiors, recitative's don't
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2. Are operetta's just small operas?

  • Yes
  • No

3. What is a Lied?

  • What Jeremy Kyle says when they've failed the lie detector
  • German song- voice and piano either strophic form or 'through composed'
  • What you find in a pencil
  • A violin and cello duet

4. What is a requiem?

  • Same as a canata
  • Mass for the dead, in latin
  • Religious opera, not latin
  • A story set with singing and acting

5. When was the romantic period?

  • 1900-1960
  • 1810-1900
  • 1750-1810
  • 1600-1750


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