AQA A2 Sociology Unit 3 - Beliefs - Religion and Science

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1. Why can't science be superior?

  • As science cannot explain everything
  • Causes global warming, mass destruction and GM crops
  • Still debated against religion
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2. What is the scientific stage in Aldriges theory?

  • When science becomes rational thought
  • Previous explanations are replaced with science - Disenchantment
  • When science overrides science in a way of thinking

3. Who created the Falsification Theory?

  • Popper
  • Aldrige
  • McKane
  • Loisean

4. According to Bruce, what remains the greatest challenge to religious beliefs, and why does this occur?

  • Science - Due to society moving towards modernity
  • Diversity - Causes a uncertainty in believers
  • Science - Due to a more rational way of thinking
  • Diversity - Causes a lacking in belief

5. What is Alridges 2007 TMS? - Explanation of the transition to modernity?

  • Theological, Metaphysical, Scientific
  • Theoretical, Modernity, Scientific
  • Theory, Mass Media, Society


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