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2. What is two's compliment?

  • Float binary numbers
  • Making the first bit positive but exponential in a binary number
  • Making the first bit negative in a binary number
  • Forcing negative numbers by addition

3. What is Unicode?

  • A way of adding greek lettering together to form a data point
  • A system for encoding characters from different cultures
  • A system for counting the uniqueness of a block of given code
  • A way of debugging your code

4. How big is one KiloByte?

  • 4^7 B
  • 2^10 B
  • 10^3 B
  • 8^3 B

5. How do you calculate sound bit rate?

  • bit depth * seconds
  • bit depth * sample rate
  • colour depth * sample rate
  • bit depth * sample rate * 2


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