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2. Which one of these is not a general function of epithelial tissue?

  • Active Transport
  • Protection
  • Containment
  • Selective Diffusion

3. Epithelial cells can also be glands, what is the difference between exodcrine and endocrine glands?

  • Exocrine secrete hormones and endocrine secrete enzymes
  • Exocrine secrete into ducts, endocrine directly into blood
  • Exocrine secrete out, endocrine take in

4. Formed in bone marrow, histamine released, stop blood clots.

  • Mast Cells
  • Macrophages
  • Fibroblast
  • Adipocytes

5. Fill in the blanks.. Implantation involves the ? attaching to the ? and embedding itself in the ?

  • Blastocyst, Endometrium, Uterus
  • Trophoblast, Epithelium, Uterus
  • Blastocyst, Endometrium, Cervix


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