An Inspector Calls - Basic character info

Just a quiz to give basic information about characters and their involvement in the play :)

Some of the incorrect answers are completely made up and some are to do with other characters, good luck!

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1. At the beginning of the play, how can Sheila be described?

  • Childish, innocent, immature.
  • In charge, has power, snob.
  • Grown-up, mature, civilised.
  • Loud, arrogant, foolish.
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2. Who is Gerald particularly involved with at the beginning of the play?

  • Arthur Birling - he sides with him on most things.
  • Eric Birling - they bond over their similar age.
  • Sheila Birling - he is completely in love with her.
  • Sybil Birling - they share similar views.

3. What is Eric's big secret in the play?

  • He is the father of Eva Smith's unborn baby.
  • He fired Eva Smith from a job.
  • He is a drunk.
  • He doesn't like his father.

4. Who is the Inspector?

  • A friend of Arthur Birling.
  • A well-known member of the Police Force.
  • A professional man there to question the family and move the plot forward.
  • A man that the family know well and is just a casual character in the play.

5. How could Arthur be described at the start of the play?

  • Foolish, drunk, assertive.
  • Shy, quiet, hidden away.
  • Loud, showing off, arrogant.
  • Childish, immature, stupid.


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