An Inspector Calls - Basic character info

Just a quiz to give basic information about characters and their involvement in the play :)

Some of the incorrect answers are completely made up and some are to do with other characters, good luck!

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1. Who is Gerald engaged to?

  • Sybil Birling
  • Sheila Birling
  • Eva Smith
  • Daisy Renton
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2. At the end, what does Sybil have to face?

  • Eric's drinking problems and the fact he was the father of an unborn baby.
  • Her part in the death of Eva Smith and how she believes it will strongly affect her.
  • The fact that Sheila has changed and is no longer an innocent child.
  • The idea that the Birling name has been disrespected more as the night has gone on.

3. How did Arthur Birling contribute to Eva Smith's death?

  • He had an affair with her and was ashamed of it.
  • He had a relationship with her and stole money for her.
  • He had her fired because she lead a strike on unfair pay.
  • He had her fired due to jealousy.

4. At the end of the play, does Arthur Birling show any character development?

  • Yes - he changes his ways completely.
  • No - he doesn't change at all.
  • No - but he is still worried about their future.
  • Yes - he sees how he was wrong.

5. Who is Gerald the son of?

  • A Prince and Princess
  • A Lord and Lady
  • A Duke and Duchess
  • A King and Queen


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