Amino Acids

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1. What are the precursors of Tryptophan and tyrosin?

  • Tryptophan= Thyroxin and catecolamines, Tyrosin= serotonin and nicotinamide
  • Tryptophan= serotonin and nicotinamide, Tyrosin= thyroxin and catecolamines
  • Tryptophan= serotonin and catecolamines, Tyrosin= thyroxin and nicotinamide
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2. Which of these are not reactions that occur to amino acids?

  • Oxidative deamination
  • Hydration
  • dehydrogenation
  • Condensation
  • Transamination
  • Decarboxylation

3. Which of these is not the function of cysteine residue?

  • CO-NH2 can react with sugars, olgiosaccharides and polysaccharides
  • Forms sulphide bonds in the amino acid structures
  • thiol side chain can form bonds with metal ions therefore prosthetic groups in the protien

4. Whichc of these statements are incorrect about glutathione?

  • Protects heamoglobin from oxidation to methemoglobin
  • Detoxification of xenobiotics in Pancrease
  • important reducing and antibodies in cell
  • SH group of cysteine residue easily oxidised
  • Protects cellular contents from oxidising agents eg peroxidase and superoxidase

5. Aspartame does not....

  • 2% conc found in skeletal mucles, they act as buffers
  • form a sweet taste, 200x stronger than sucrose
  • Hydrolysis of methyl esters yeilds (toxic methanol)


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