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2. What are the precursors of Tryptophan and tyrosin?

  • Tryptophan= serotonin and nicotinamide, Tyrosin= thyroxin and catecolamines
  • Tryptophan= serotonin and catecolamines, Tyrosin= thyroxin and nicotinamide
  • Tryptophan= Thyroxin and catecolamines, Tyrosin= serotonin and nicotinamide

3. Which of these are not reactions that occur to amino acids?

  • Condensation
  • Oxidative deamination
  • Decarboxylation
  • Hydration
  • dehydrogenation
  • Transamination

4. Which of these functions is incorrect about Vasopressin?

  • Used for Lactation
  • slow degradation of vasopressin for diabetic urinal excretion
  • Used to control blood pressure (increases)
  • regulates the excretion of water by kidneys

5. Which fact about insulin is not correct?

  • Stimulates the muscles, liver, adipose cells to store glucose
  • Insulin formed by 2 polypeptide chains which are connected by 2 sulphur bond
  • Secreated by islets of Loughborough
  • Insulin is realeased when blood glucose sugar level is too high
  • The 3rd sulphide bond is within one amino acid chain
  • The (one chain) precursor is proinsulin by proteolytic cleavage


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