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1. High levels of cortisol inhibit testosterone levels and so inhibit aggression. Studies have reported low levels of cortisol in habitual violent offenders

  • Eisengger et al
  • Virkkunen
  • Baucom et al
  • Bandura
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2. Daly and Wilson - Death of the partner from physical violence may be an unitended outcome of an evolutionary adaptation that was designed for _____ rather than death

  • Control
  • Insuring resources were not wrongly used
  • Avoiding risk of sexual coercion

3. Institutional aggression occurs because people enter prison possessing certain characteristics that predispose them toward intepersonal violence in prison

  • Importation model
  • Deprivation model

4. Why does violence towards pregnant partners occur?

  • Control
  • Avoids investing in offspring of another male
  • Sexual Jealousy

5. Low levels are associated with aggression as usual inhibiting responses to emotional stimuli are reduced

  • Testosterone
  • Dopamine
  • Serotonin
  • Melatonin


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