Dopamine and Aggression

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Dopamine and Aggression


  • There is some evidence to suggest that increases in dopamine activity (e.g. use of amphetamines) can cause increases of aggressive behavior.
  • Recent research suggests individuals intentionally seek out aggressive encounters because of rewarding sensations caused by the release of dopamine.


  • Use of dopamine antagonists (which reduce dopamine activity) has successfully reduced aggressive behavior in violent delinquents.
  • Ferrari et al (supports role of dopamine and serotonin) found that in anticipation of an imminent fight, a rat's dopamine despite the fact it didn't actually fight. Shows that the animal's brain chemistry had changed, gearing it up for a fight by altering levels of serotonin and dopamine.
  • Difficult to establish a cause and effect relationship as the relationship is difficult to demonstrate experimentally.

Overall summary

Increased domapine increases aggression but it could also be the rewarding sensations caused by dopamine release could be the cause of aggression.


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