Keywords for the Lithosphere Topic

Keywords for the lithosphere topic

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The Lithosphere Keywords
Resource ­ the name of a material of the total amount of a material that could theoretically
be exploited.
Crust ­ the solid surface layer of the earth, made up of plates of crust that form the
continents or the ocean floor.
Mantle ­ the molten and semi-molten layer of the earth between the core and crust.
Ore ­ a body of rock that contains minerals that can be exploited.
In Situ ­ in the place where it is found.
Igneous ­ rocks or processes involving molten rock.
Batholith ­ a large underground mass of solidified molten magma.
Hydrothermal ­ processes or deposits associated with hot water.
Regolith ­ the solid rock particles left after weathering.
Solute ­ a dissolved substance.
Alluvial ­ materials such as soil or weathered rock particles deposited by a river or other
flowing water.
Placer deposits ­ deposits of dense materials carried by water e.g. tin and gold.
Metamorphic ­ rocks changed by intense heat and pressure but without fully melting.
Sedimentary ­ materials or processes that involve materials being carried by air or water
then deposited.
Reserve ­ the proportion of a resource that can be economically exploited with existing
Reservoir ­ the general name for a storage location for any material, e.g. nitrogen, crude oil,
water, iron etc. It is also used for the stored water retained by a dam.
Overburden ­ the unwanted material on top of the mineral deposit that is to be exploited.
Turbidity ­ a measure of the cloudiness of water caused by suspended solid particles.
Leachate ­ liquids and dissolved materials washed through the ground, usually
Core ­ the solid and molten inner layers of the earth.
Eutrophication ­ the natural nutrient enrichment of a water body. It can be accelerated by
human actions such as the release of sewage effluent or the use of fertilisers that are
leached into water bodies.

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Homeostasis ­ the combined processes that maintain balance in a living organism or the
Adsorption ­ the attachment of a material onto a surface.
Detritvores ­ organisms that feed on dead organic matter, often in or on the soil, e.g.
earthworms, millipedes and woodlice. They break down dead organic matter that can be
further digested by decomposers.
Decomposers ­ micro-organisms, including many bacteria and fungi, which break down and
digest dead organic matter.…read more


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