2016 Water Aid Advert - Representation


1. Why has Water Aid moved away from using the archetype of a 'victim' in the 'Rain for Good' advertisement?

  • They were making too much money.
  • It is not accurate.
  • The public has become desensitised to this method of appeal.
  • To show how the money given to the charity has helped to make progress.
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2. What affect does a narrative in a charity advertisement, like in Rain for Good, have?

  • It makes the story more believable and personal
  • It makes it more interesting to watch, so the audience doesn't get bored.
  • It makes the advertisement more convincing, because it makes the audience believe they're getting the whole picture.
  • It makes the audience relate to the main character easier, because they can see they're just like them.

3. In Alvarado's theory, what are the four racial stereotypes used in media texts?

  • Exotic, Dangerous, Humorous & Pitied
  • Inferior, Dangerous, Humorous & Pitied
  • Exotic, Violent , Humorous & Pitied
  • Poor, Dangerous, Humorous & Pitied

4. Which of Alvarado's racial stereotypes does the Water Aid 'Rain for Good' advertisement use?

  • The advertisement does not use any of these racial stereotypes.
  • Exotic
  • Humorous
  • Pitied
  • Dangerous

5. What is an archetype?

  • It's a collection of stereotypes that represent a single idea.
  • The protagonist in a narrative
  • A typical example of a certain person or a thing.
  • It's just another word for a stereotype.


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