Yeates/ Atonement Revision

Writing about the past to reinvoigate the present- seems to be a relationship between modernism and contemporary fiction in this sense

When thinking about the past in this sense we can then think about the ways in which Briony frames her tales in Atonement- concerning herself with the past and writing the story of her past as a way to try to make ammebds for what she did to Cecila, Robbie and Lola

Time- the present in these texts seem to be about changing the future 

Sexualisation thats rooted in history- Leda and the Swan- Leda is ***** by Zeus- rooted in history because of the references to Greek Mythology 

Atonement- the **** of Lola is rooted in history as Briony is telling her story from a time after the event- years after the events

Briony- telling the story in the way she does in order to change perceptions of…


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