Kafka Revision


Kafka Revision

Challenged from the beginning of the text with his impossible transformation 

Drawing on his own jewish background 

'monstrous vermin'- cockroach, beetle- page 3

only an impression

ungeziefer- bug- not a common word

^^Kafka choosing something which is a mystery to us- leads us to question how we read the text

Ideas of degeneration-Darwin 

'unsettling dreams'- Frued 

Recent ballet of the metamorphosis - such an influential text in western culture- been translated into a lot of different forms 

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Kafka Revision

The book is like a window

'Freudian  terms'- the interpretation of dreams- 'fur muf'- like the sexual act- the idea that everything subconciously is about sex

Darwin- snake around her neck- humans represent the survival of the fittest 

When his family dismiss and reject him he has lost the survival of the fittest- this is the same for his work too

Changing of the family dynamic- everything becomes about mone- 'glossy magazine'- everything to do with sales 

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