Doctor Faustus Revision

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  • Doctor Faustus
    • Fate and Free Will
    • Supernatural
      • Ah stay, good Faustus, stay thy desperate steps!I see an angel hovers o'er thy headAnd with a vial full of precious graceOffers to pour the same into thy soul!Then call for mercy, and avoid despair. (42-47)
        • The Old Man
    • Knowledge and Power
    • Sin, Redemption/ Human Nature
    • Context- 'Renaissance Individual'
    • Characters
      • Doctor Faustus
        • Scholar from Wuttenburg
        • Sells soul to Devil to gain unlimited knowledge and power
        • Sees his mistakes early on but only realises doom at final scene
        • Uses magic to play practical jokes and to travel
        • Even though repents, ends up in hell
        • Extremely naive
      • Mephastophilis
        • Distracts Faustus when wavers from deal
        • Devil Faustus summons, he does everything for him
        • Encourages Faustus to take blood oath
        • He says that he is only pushing Faustus as he is miserable in hell and regrets repenting??
        • Deceitful
      • Wagner
        • Faustus' student and servant
        • Dabbles in the dark arts by borrowing spell book
        • Loves being associated with Faustus
      • Good and Bad Angels
        • Appear when Faustus wavers
        • One promises God's forgiveness and one tells to embrace dark magic
        • Represent Faustus' two conflicting impulses in conscience
        • Can also be seen as literal angels
      • Robin
        • Appears in comic scenes
        • Silly attempts at magic
        • Faustus also does magic for same purpose and same kind of magic
          • That means Faustus wants magic for power but really he is not much different from a peasant doing magic
    • KEY
      • Written by Christopher Marlowe
      • Tragedy
      • 1604
      • Its a play
    • Secondary Reading


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