World at Risk: Problems for the future


Copenhagen Summit:

  • December 2009
  • Should aim to keep temperature increases to below 2 degrees
  • 128 countries signed it
  • Not legally binding
  • Pledging $30 billion to LDCs to help them adapt to climate change


Using Renewable Energy Sources


  • Sustainable
  • Reinforces "Think global, act local"
  • Release very little CO2


  • Can be expensive
  • Some rely on weather/ geological processes etc.
  • LEDCs don't have the workforce to implement them
  • Can cause damage to the environment


  • Any fuel from a living being or its waste.
  • E.g. wood chippings, excrement, ethanol
  • Attempting to try biobutanol in aircraft.
  • Brazil is the largest producer of ethanol-16 billion litres


  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50-60%
  • Carbon neutral. Give out what they take…


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