Women and the Family


Women and the Family 

Women in government 

  • During civil war women tended to work in commissariat of social welfare, health and education, in 198 only 5% of party congress were women 
  • Under Stalin women in government encouraged to join obshchesttvennista, wife activists, playing a supporting nanny role 
  • 1959-1984 women who played a role in the soviets grew from 27-33% 
  • 1956-1983 proportion of women in party increased from 19% to 26% 
  • However amount of women in Central comitee never exceeded 4% throughout soviet rule 

Women at work 

  • By 1955 49% of soviet workforce were women 
  • After Civil War ended, women were sacked from industrial jobs so men could take over
  • Under Khrushchev women tended to be restricted to light industry and low skilled jobs, less


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