Advantages of women

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  • To what extent did women's status improve in Nazi Germany?
    • Rewards
      • Medals for those women who had 4 or more children
      • Law for the encouragement of marriage loans- gave newly wed couples 1,000 marks and allowed them to keep 250 marks for each child they had.
      • Alot of women were given financial support when they had more and more children.
    • Goals and ambitions
      • women had a figure (Hitler) who they wanted to be with- gave them a sense of hope.
      • shown what a perfect woman should like- gave them a goal to achieve
      • women wanted to be the perfect woman as the use of propaganda showed them what they should be like.
    • Looked after
      • womens associations such as NSDAP womens orginasitation.
        • sports
        • social gatherings
        • classes
        • sewing etc.
      • children organistations such as the Hitler youth
        • children are getting looked after
        • getting educated
        • less stress on mothers
    • didnt work
      • Men worked not the women
      • Gave women more time at home to create a better home and family
      • More time for themselves


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