Why do Christians give money to charity? (12 marks)

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Why do Christians give money to charity? ( 12 marks)

Generally speaking, nearly all Christians agree that giving money to charity and to those in need is one of the main aspects of Christianity. All religions contain the idea of assissting and supporting the needy and the weak. Christianity is one of them, so because there is a lot of suffering in the outside world, we need to give money to charity in order to be charitable and behave in a Christian manner.

Christianity teaches that those who love God have a responsibility to take care of the poor. The 2 aspects of Christianity: loving God and loving others are instrinsically linked. Being kind to others without loving God or loving God without being kind to others is hypocritical. Jesus used parables to teach people how they should treat others. For example. the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25). Samaritans experiences racism at the time of Jesus, as they were not of the 'pure' branch of Judaism. In this parable, a Samaritan took care of the poor who was robbed, whilst a priest and a Levite walked by. This parable teaches that we should show kindness to everyone, and this is


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