White Writing - Feminine Gospels


White Writing

third half of collection = modern women & the struggles women still face, Duffy believes the fight to equality is not yet accomplished. Theme of same-sex relationships. Women not having a voice. 

Has a change of society really occurred towards same-sex marriage/relationships? Do same-sex couples still have to hide their relationship? 


"White" =  1. Invisible, their love for each other must be hidden. 2. Purity, they see their love as equal to other relationships that are not of the same sex & refusing to let their relationships purity be damaged by society.  

"White Writing" = gives a sense of secrecy as some people have to/feel the need to hide their relationship. 


Irregular rhyme scheme = rhyme scheme is present but not regular, suggests their future is unstable 

Regular quatrains = suggests their love for each other is stable despite uncertainty.

Quatrains represent the foundation on


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