Feminine Gospels Essay Questions

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  • 'Feminine Gospels presents suffering as a key element of female experience. Discuss. (The Long Queen, History, Tall, Loud.)
  • These poems tell tall stories as though they were true confessions. Discuss. (The Light Gatherer, Gambler, Work.)
  • Is Duffy's work using other voices or speaking characters as a vehicle for her own voice? (The Virgin's Memo, Sub, Tall.)
  • Auden said poetry makes nothing happen. But I wonder if the opposite could be true? It could make something happen. What do Duffy's poem want to"make happen"? (Loud, History, The Woman Who Shopped.)
  • What I was trying to do was use the idea of gospel truth: in a sense, the Gospels are a tall story told as truth, so these poems were about trying to find truth about particular female issues but doing it within tall stories. What truths are Feminine Gospels trying to present? (Anon, White Writing, Beautiful.)
  • Each of our age has its own idea of beauty, its own symbolic woman. Is Feminine Gospels trying to present women who respect all women? (The Woman Who Shopped, Beautiful, Work)
  • In each poem, I'm trying to reveal the truth, so it can't have a fictional beginning. Discuss the view that Duffy, in Feminine Gospels, presents real women and real women's lives. (The Map Woman, The Diet, TLSGH.)
  • It has been said of Feminine Gospels that it "runs miles with myths that don't exist but should". Debate the view that Duffy is trying to present new images of femininity to put right old…


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