West End Blues by Louis Armstrong 1928


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West End Blues

  • Initially recorded by Joe Oliver
  • Written and recorded in 1928 in Chicago
  • Armstong helped to introduce a new style of solo performance with soloist taking it in turn to improvise.
  • Uses typical 12 bar blues. (Primary chords)
  • 7 Instruments - Cornet, Clarinet, Trombone, Double bass of tuba, Piano, Banjo and Drums

Bar 1-6 Intro - Solo Trumpet Cadenza (Louis Armstrong)

  • Texture here is monophonic
  • Covers a wide range of two octaves and a 3rd
  • Unusual for blues to begin like this
  • Usues vibrato in bar 3
  • Broken chord with leap of diminished 5th


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