Wendy Cope Poems

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Key points about Cope's poems:

Being Boring: 

  • Rhyme scheme seems to be as dull as her life is, but when there is a slight change, it may imply that there is something more there.
  • In this poem, something is always happening; its never just nothing.
  • The amount of times she talks about being boring makes you think she's just trying to convince herself.
  • Trying so hard to tell us that she's boring = reverse phsycology = we think there is something more.
  • Last verse makes you think that she's too afraid to take risks, which makes you think that something has happened in the past.

Engineers' Corner: 

  • Poem filled with irony, eg. 'so many poets end up rich'
  • She swaps the lives of poets and engineers around, so she's trying to get across the point that the benifits of being an engineer should match the benifits of being a poet.
  • She is acting as though poets have a great life; this is ironic because they all usually stuggle a lot to get recognition.
  • She puts across false sympathy towards the lives of engineers to make poets' lives sound a lot better than they actually are.
  • Her whole poem implies that the lives of poets are awful and how much they sturggle to get by.

Strugnell's Sonnets (iv & vii):

  • Based on Shakespeare's sonnets 55 & 110.
  • Made of 2 Quatrains and 1 sestet.
  • The construction of both poems is good- and thats Cope's work.
  • However the contect


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